Adoptee Journeys

This five-workshop series will explore the life journeys of the adoptee. Adoptees, ages 18 and over are invited to attend.

Adoptee Journeys 2014 – Spring Series

Session 1: Identity - Tuesday, February 18

What do we know led to our adoption? Birthmoms were told to get on with their lives and they would forget. What about adoptees? Who might we have been were it not for adoption? What happened to that "person"? Who are we now, given the nurture that we received? Facilitated by Estes Turner, Adoptee.

Session 2: Loss and Grief - Tuesday, March 4

What did we lose when we were placed for adoption? What are the lasting effects? What do we know about the extent to which an infant can grieve? What are the developmental stages of grief? Facilitated by Estes Turner, Adoptee.

Session 3: Rejection and Guilt/Shame - Tuesday, March 18

Adoption may have been interpreted as rejection. What are the effects of perceived rejection? What does it mean about our self-worth? How might we perceive future situations that appear as rejection? Could we be suffering from survivor's guilt? And if no one wants to talk about adoption, there might be something shameful about it. What do we deserve?  Facilitator to be determined.

Session 4: Intimacy - Tuesday, April 1

How close are we willing to get to people when our experience is that they may leave without warning? Are we worthy of love and closeness? It is said that we can cut people out of our lives in a moment and never look back. What do we need to do to break that cycle?  Facilitated by Tom Rogat.


Session 5: Control and Mastery - Tuesday, April 15

We were not party to the decisions that led to our adoption, nor to the decisions that placed us in our adoptive families. How might some of our behaviors be a search for control and mastery of our life? What/who might we have become were different decisions made?   Facilitator to be determined.


Click here for a flier detailing all five session.

Who: Adoptees, ages 18 and over
When:  (see dates above)
Time: 6:45 to 8:45 pm
Place: Adoption Network Cleveland, 
4614 Prospect Avenue, Suite 550, 
Cleveland, Ohio
Cost: Members: $80/Series, $20/session
Nonmembers: $120/series, $30/session
Add $5 if paying day of the event
RSVP: Contact Amy Lomis at (216) 482-2323 one week in advance of individual sessions. Click here to register online.
“Adoption Network Cleveland is a safe harbor for adoptees.”
Renee DeLuca
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